Cow Timer Mechanical Wind Up 60 Minutes Kitchen Gadget Novelty

Cow Timer Mechanical Wind Up 60 Minutes Kitchen Gadget Novelty

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Hours   Minutes   Seconds

Material: Plastic

Color: White/Purple


Pattern: Purple Bear/White Bear/Purple Cows/White Cow



Clockwise turn the timer one circle to zero scale, then quickly counterclockwise back to the required time, the timer will issue a crisp ring when the time arrives


Special Note: occasional customer's reverse operation causes the product to lose the timing effect,  please operating rightly with caution



Cute design, light weight, make your kitchen more cozy and modern

Flat base, easy to stand still

Accurate timing

Timing range: 1-60 minutes  

Ringing time: 4-5 Seconds

Mechanical timer products, no batteries, economical and practical


Operating procedures:

1, clockwise rotate the timer to the end, that is 60 minutes scale

2, counterclockwise rotate the timer to the time you want , such as 25 minutes, you can rotate to 25

3,  time arrive, automatic ring


Package Contents: 1 x Timer


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